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Zinc die casting

Zinc die casting is a proven, versatile, and cost-effective process with various applications in manufacturing products and parts in many industries.
Due to their physical and mechanical properties at average temperatures, products from Zinc alloy are superior to die castings of metals such as steel and Aluminum. In addition, zinc alloys are among the most straightforward metals to die-cast because of their fluidity and strength-to-weight ratios after Solidification under the Die compared to many other metals.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

High Precision

High Precision

Properties of Zinc-Alloys

The Zamak Series ( Nos. 2,3,5 and a) is the most common zinc alloy for die casting, including copper, Aluminum, and magnesium alloying metals. ZA8 is another standard alloy used in die casting that is not part of the Zamak series.
●High rigidity and strength
●Excellent thermal and good electrical conductivity
●Surface finishing of high quality and corrosion resistance
●With minimal tolerance deflection, high dimensional consistency and stability are achieved.
●Compared to miniature Zinc die casting, die-casting has a lower production cost.
●In comparison to Aluminum alloy, it has an excellent vibration-reducing ability.
●After the product's life cycle has ended, it can be recycled completely.
●It is possible to make products and parts with skinny walls (lower range 1.5 mm)
●The cold formation allows manufacturers to join the parts quickly.


●Zinc die-cast parts and products have a high impact strength and toughness, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
●Another critical point is that Zinc die casting produces durable parts with strength and durability.
●Zinc alloys protect products such as fuses and pins from electromagnetic fields by making an Electromagnetic shield over them.
●Products from Zinc die-casting require minimal surface finishing.
●Zinc die casting can make a wide range of products, from structure to electronics.

Quality Assured:

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Tolerances: +/-0.05mm or better on request.


Automotive Industry

The automobile industry played a significant role in developing and advancing Zinc die casting. So the automotive industry is the most widely used Zinc die casting application because of its strength and hardness, including Break parts, housing, interior parts, and components for the steering, fuel, electrical, and air-conditioning systems.


Protection of internal electronics components is made with Zinc alloys from die casting. Also, Heat sinks in electronics devices such as computers.

Joining and links

In the manufacturing industry, fastening elements such as bosses and studs are essential. These products can be made from Zinc die casting with a high degree of accuracy and a smooth finish. In addition, quality Holes and threads can be cast both by this approach with thin walls.

Structure and architecture

Structure and architectural implementations, including, Railway components, rainwater systems, metal panels, fittings, and roofing, use Zinc die casting.