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Prolean Surface Finishing Services

Prolean offers various materials and manufacturing services for parts. Our wide range of surface finishing services complement all kinds of parts. We can serve your manufacturing as well as surface finishing needs and make production secure and faster. Prolean surface finishing services include.

Prolean Surface Finishing Services

Surface finishing holds functional as well as aesthetic importance for industrial parts. With the industries advancing quickly, the tolerance requirements are becoming tighter and hence better surface finish is required for high-precision products. Parts with appealing looks enjoy a significant advantage in the market. Aesthetic outer surface finishing can make a big difference in a part’s marketing performance.

Prolean surface finishing services offer the standard as well as popular surface finishes for parts. Our CNC machines and other surface finishing technologies are capable of achieving tight tolerances and high-quality, uniform surfaces for all kind of parts.

Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing

Surface finishing is any process that helps achieve the required properties like texture, tolerance and chemical resistance for a part surface. Surface finishing processes include an extensive range of processes. CNC machining, brushing, polishing, electroplating, anodizing, powder coating, and bead blasting are just some of the processes typically used for different kinds of surface finishing of parts.

A close surface finish helps achieve the required tolerances and better surface properties that suit the part’s function and environment. Aesthetic considerations are important when the part is visible on the outside and may also serve a role in protection of the surface. Nowadays, surface finishes can achieve the aesthetic requirements without compromising on the functionality.

Different surface finishes offer different specifications which help choose the perfect finish for a part. Some of the important specifications are grit value, surface roughness, tolerance, thickness, color, and required surface preparation. Parts that require cosmetic finish require extra focus on the surface uniformity, direction of strokes and minimizing of imperfections. Cosmetic finish, part masking, roughness values and colors vary in availability from process to process.

Cosmetic Finish

Cosmetic finish serves the primary functional requirement as well as the aesthetic requirement. Surface finishing jobs tend to leave defects like hang marks, scratches and surface imperfection. Such defects can make the product look unattractive and the batch inconsistent. Cosmetic finish focuses on such minor visual defects and removes them with additional finishing work.

Cosmetic finish is available for some surface finish processes as an additional process while some processes are cosmetic by default. Cosmetic finishes at Prolean receive extra care which is why.

We have acceptability criteria for all our cosmetic finishes which all parts follow

We guarantee consistency in surface finish across the entire batch of parts.

Our quality control carries out standardized inspections for the batch.

Why Prolean Surface Finishing Services

Prolean offers a wide range of manufacturing services including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, aluminum extrusion and plastic injection molding. The list of materials offered by us is extensive and includes metals and plastics. Our surface finishing services have the capabilities to finish the parts manufactured using all these services and materials.

Our wide range of surface finishing services offer the best quality for each of your parts in the batch. When you choose Prolean for your surface finishing needs you get to enjoy the following advantages:

Extensive range of surface finishing processes for all kinds of parts.

Multiple surface finishes with color options.

High level of process control for coating thickness sensitive jobs.

Best possible tolerances with all surface finishes.

Quality control for cosmetic finishes with regular inspections in line with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Consistent cosmetic finish across the batch and uniform patterns.

Regular updates on the batch orders.