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Production tooling is the plastic injection molding process used for mass production of precision plastic parts. Production tooling is the ultimate stage in manufacturing and the parts manufactured are for end-users. It is a sizable investment in terms of time and resources.

Prolean’s production tooling services for plastic injection molded parts are a reliable option for sourcing mass produced high-precision parts at a reasonable cost per unit.

Production Tooling
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

High Precision

High Precision

What is Production Tooling?

Production tooling basically means creating tools for mass production of injection molded parts. Plastic injection molding with prototype tooling isn’t capable of producing the surface finishes and tolerances that you require for mass production. The changes made during prototyping pave the way towards production tooling.

Injection machine
Injection machine (2)
Injection machine (3)

Production tooling is the last stage of tooling which provides the most impressive results for given part.

Quality Assured:

Dimension Report

On-time Delivery

Material Certificates

Tolerances: +/- 0.1mm or better on request.

How Does Production Tooling Work?

Creation of molds for production tooling is a lengthy process. It can require 3-4 weeks, but the production tooling serves for many years, unlike prototype tooling which has life of only around 10,000 cycles even in case of steel tools. Production tooling proves more efficient in long-term for mass production which is why it is the preferred process in the industries.

The injection molding process for production tooling is largely same as simple injection molding. A machine injects molten plastic into the mold which cools down to solidify into the required part. The parts created with production tooling usually have better finishes and require little to no work on them after they come out of the mold.

How Does Production Tooling Work

Advantages of Production Tooling

Production tooling has the best surface finishes and part quality of all injection molding processes. Production tooling costs more than rapid tooling initially but the extended life in fact makes production tooling cost per unit less than rapid tooling in the long run. Another key advantage is the exceptional quality of parts produced with production tooling.

The surface finish and precision of production tooling is better than rapid tooling and often there is no additional work required on parts once they leave the mold.

What Materials Are Available For Production Tooling?

Nylon (PA) POM
Glass Filled Nylon (PA GF) PP

Prolean offers a wide variety of materials for production tooling. Please see the list for a sample of the materials we work with.

If you require a material not in this list, please do get in touch as it is likely we can source it for you.