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Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most popular surface finishes in the manufacturing industry. This dry finishing process utilizes a fine powder of thermosetting or thermoplastic polymers. The powder is created by melt mixing the polymers with additives like colors, leveling agents, flow modifiers and curatives and then grinding them into fine powder.

While painting uses an evaporating solvent, powder coating uses electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) to coat the part surface. This is done by using a spray gun to charge and spray powder particles at the grounded metal part surface. The grounded surface attracts the powder particles and creates a uniform coating.

Powder Coating

After spraying is finished, the part needs to be cured inside an oven or through UV light to create chemical bonds between the surface and particles. The long molecular chains achieved through curing have high resistance to breakdown which makes powder coating a stronger alternative to painting.

Powder coating has many advantages over other surface coatings. It provides a more uniform coating than conventional painting. The powder coats are thicker than conventional liquid coats and free of running or sagging issues. Wide range of special effects and cosmetic finishes can be produced with powder coating.

Prolean offers powder coating with following specifications:

Specification Detail
Part Material All metals
Surface Preparation As machined finish, removed of oils, lubricants, oxides, dirt and grease
Surface Finish Uniform finish with variety of textures and gloss available
Tolerances Standard dimensional tolerances
Thickness 50μm - 150μm (1968μin – 5905μin)
Gloss Units 10 - 100 GU
Color Natural metal color, black or any other color with RAL code or Pantone number
Part Masking Masking available as per requirement. Indicate masking areas in design
Cosmetic Finish Not available